Birthright of Prince Frederick

Birthright of prince Frederick

Heart is beating

18-25 days

Brain waves have been recorded 

40 days

Pregnancy milestones

She squints, swallows, and can make a fist.

10 weeks.

He has fingerprints and can kick.

9-10 weeks

He sucks his thumb.

9-10 weeks

She is sensitive to heat, touch, light & noise.

10 weeks

All body systems are working.

12 weeks

She weighs about

1 oz. and is 2 1/12-3" long.

14-15 weeks

We are here for you!

Birthright of Prince Frederick is not a medical facility and does not refer for abortion.

We are here to help pregnant women overcome whatever challenges they face.

What is Birthright? 

Birthright is here to love and support women and their unborn children. We offer hope and friendship, as well as practical help and referrals. Birthright is free, non-judgmental and confidential, and available for as long as a woman needs us.
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